ITS – Indirect solar system

The ITS indirect solar system consist of an indirect tank which is connected to a boiler (electric, gas or oil) or water heater. The optimum installation can be constructed by using different accessories. The ITS (as well as the ITE) can be part of a solar water heating system. It can be installed with or without a drain back system.

Features ITS indirect solar system

  • Capacity: 289 – 1007 litres
  • Single-wall spiral heat exchangers
  • PermaGlas Ultra Coat second-generation glass coating technology prevents corrosion
  • ITS 300: Three adjustable legs facilitate easy installation
  • ITS 400-1000: Insulated ring base for easy installation
  • Insulated clean out door for comprehensive waterside maintenance
  • Replaceable magnesium anode
  • Removable insulation jacket for convenient servicing

Options ITS indirect solar system

  • Flexible anode for installation in confined areas
  • Temperature and pressure valve with stainless-steel spring set to 95°C and a maximum water pressure of 7 bar
  • Analogue temperature gauge (0-120°C)
  • Power anodes
  • Single and three phase electric elements

Ecodesign specifications

ITS 300 400 500
Load profile:
Energy efficiency class: C C C
Energy efficiency:

ITS – Indirect solar system Projects

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