As you’ve come to know A.O. Smith and our values, we always strive to contribute to a better and greener environment, in a most innovative way. This is why when the EU demanded that companies produce an energy label for their products, mandatory as of 2015, we decided not only to oblige but to integrate it into our practices. Through rigorous efforts we have not only succeeded in implementing this new knowledge through our continuous improvement processes, but we are also working towards creating and producing new future and compatible products.

Without foreseeing the future, we started building high efficiency water heaters since 1998 with our first generation of the BFC Cyclone. This direct fired system, which is now in its third generation, will automatically be labelled an A product. The same can be said of our very high efficiency solar systems SGE and SGS.

The best way to find out what best suits your requirements is to speak with one of our sales engineers. They will help define your needs and find the best solutions. Energy labelling is more than just stating the energy efficiency of our product, it’s about teaching our clients how to choose more wisely their product and how to get the maximum performance out of them.

Please click here for more in-depth information regarding Ecodesign and energy labelling.